Chepang Heritage Trail

This runs close to Chitwan National Park and is a chance to see the unique cultural life of the Chepang people. The Heritage Trail was developed by the government to bring the benefits of tourism to this remote, ethnic minority.
The Chepang people’s semi-nomadic way of life is fascinating and genuinely distinct from the rest of Nepal. As the land makes farming difficult, they rely heavily on hunting and foraging in forests for food.
Chepang society has no caste system or chiefs and their spirituality combines elements of both Hinduism and Buddhism. The people are marginalised by wider Nepalese society and experience poverty and malnutrition. On the Heritage Trail, you will have a cultural experience as well as contributing to their community development.
The scenery in this area offergives good mountain views and L.N. Treks can arrange camping or homestay accommodation during your visit. We can also combine the Heritage Trail with a safari to Chitwan National Park.
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Tamang Heritage Trail

This is a great way to experience Langtang’s vibrant cultural heritage while avoiding more commercialised areas. The trail was developed by the Nepalese government to allow the benefits of tourism to be distributed amongst the population of Langtang.
On your journey you will travel from village to village and see a way of life that is alive with Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Langtang’s Tamang people are music loving, colourfully dressed and have a social structure and language distinct from the rest of Nepal.
The Tamang are renowned craftsman and visiting them is an excellent opportunity to buy one-off souvenirs that include clothing and artwork. You can also see beautiful woodcarvings in their houses.
As with other treks in Langtang, the scenery offers amazing mountain views of mountains, hills and lakes. Some people also enjoy a relaxing visit to the hot springs in Tatopani.
L.N. Treks can organise homestay accommodation along the trail. Thiese offers a warm welcome, a chance to witness Tamang family life and good home cooking.
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Gurung Heritage Trail/hiking holiday

Gurung Heritage Trail is a popular choice for novice trekkers or for those wanting a hiking holiday in Nepal. The walk is short, easy, low altitude and has few, significant uphill climbs. With only a light day pack, you can walk from village to village at your own pace.

This journey is a chance to experience rural Nepalese life and a distinctive culture. In Gurung, many men join the army, leaving the women to influence the community in organised groups. Expect a warm, cheerful welcome from them, to be offered plenty of tasty dal bhat and a chance to buy local handicrafts.

You will see amazing views of the Annapurna and Manaslu ranges, Mount Dhaulagiri, dense forests, rivers and waterfalls. The wildlife is beautiful and includes gliding birds of prey and glorious rhododendron blooms.

This trek can be combined with other activities such as honey-hunting, rafting and shamanism.

Villages visited include: Gale Gaon, Ghana Pokhara, Barpak, Hemjakot and Lawang.

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