Manaslu Circuit 5200m

Mount Manaslu (8152m) is the eighth highest peak in the world. Unsurprisingly, its Circuit and surrounding area have high altitudes that offer challenging trekking and amazing views of mountains and glacier lakes. A visit to Manaslu is a chance to escape crowded trails and feel the raw wilderness of ‘old Nepal’. It receives a small but increasing amount of visitors each year and remains largely untouched by commercialism and modern developments.
Manaslu and Tibet share a common history, culture and border crossings that open twice a year for trade purposes. The country’s rich Buddhist traditions are found within the 56 villages in the region and on the trails you will encounter many stupas, Mani walls and prayer flags.
The Tibetan influenced Bhotiya people live in Manaslu and retain strong links with nature and their cultural heritage. However, they also live in relative poverty with little educational and healthcare facilities. By contributing to Manaslu tourism, you will assist in the development of local communities.
Both teahouse and camping accommodation is available on a Manaslu trek. We also provide female trekking guides.
Treks in this area include:
Manaslu Circuit
Tsum (Chum) Valley
Larke Pass