Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Located in the south-central Terai, Parsa is the country’s biggest wildlife reserve and boasts 499 sq. km of undisturbed subtropical and tropical jungle. This former holiday destination of the Rana dynasty gained official protection in 1984 to preserve its population of Asian elephants and lush vegetation.
Parsa’s selection of flora is very diverse. Although it is comprised of 90% Sal forest, pine forests can also be found in the Siwalik Hills. The Churia Hills run from east to west, dominate the landscape and are covered with wild grasses. Khair and Silk cotton trees can be found on river banks.
The reserve has a machan (viewing tower) near its headquarters. This is ideal for watching elephants, leopards, deer and many species of birds and mammals in their natural habitat; it’ is also a good place to view expanses of jungle. In addition, an elephant camp is located in the Bara district.