L.N. Treks offer trekking, hiking holidays, adventure tours and volunteering in Nepal. With 18 years of experience, we’re members of the Mountaineering Association and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and certified by the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism.

Our team is friendly, we have a sense of humour and like meeting other trekkers from around the world. We like to get to know people to help us apply our expertise and give the right advice for each individual. Company founder Deepak has travelled a lot and knows what makes a good holiday.

The team was raised in a beautiful Himalayan farming village where respect for nature and the local community are part of daily life. As children, we talked to passing trekkers and became inspired to work in the field ourselves and, since then, form our own company.

Where possible, L.N. Treks recruits and buy products from the local community and we are always conscious of our duties to the environment. Our volunteering scheme helps the neediest government schools and hospitals and we feel it is wrong to charge volunteers expensive fees.

Nature and the Nepalese mountains change all the time. We love experiencing this with new people and learning from all the different nationalities we encounter in our work. We enjoy giving people the information they need while drinking a cup of tea, and helping them to have a great time whatever experience they choose.