Organic Farm House Trips

Become one of the family, stay in a farmhouse and experience rural Nepalese life. Here, everything is grown using traditional techniques that are free from chemicals and pesticides. Whether you’re collecting eggs, herding goats or picking leafy greens for dinner, you’ll be living in tune with nature.

Mealtimes consist of nourishing, tasty, traditional Nepalese food including dal bhat (lentils and rice) with takari (vegetable curry) and acar (pickle), sometimes accompanied by local chicken.

At lunch you can eat roti, omelette, masala and noodles. This stay is a great chance to improve your cooking skills! At night enjoy drinking raksi (millet wine) while you sit by the fire.

The farmhouse offers a wonderful, peaceful retreat from the chaos of city life. If you want a warm welcome, to live healthily and to get back to nature then this is a good choice.

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