12 Day Tour of Nepal

Nepal is one of the most unique countries in the world, with a fascinating culture that rivals the beauty of its mountains. On the L.N. Treks 12 Day Nepal Tour, you will travel from place to place and have new experiences that will stir your senses.
You will see how ancient temples sit next alongside modern life; how spiritual peace can be found in a religious melting pot and gentle, friendliness can mix with passion and Gurkha toughness.
Kathmandu (2 nights/3 days): 
Highlights of Kathmandu include cosmopolitan Thamel, the striking Swayambhunath and Boudhanath stupas, and the emotionally charged, burning ghats of Pashupatinath. You will also see the ancient and exotic architecture of Patan, Durbar Square and Bhaktapur. Just outside Kathmandu is scenic Nagarkot, here you can see the sunrise over the Himalayas and Mount Everest.
Chitwan (2 night/3 days):
After visiting the urban chaos of Kathmandu, we will take you to Chitwan National Park. On safari in jungles and grasslands, you will encounter rhinos and many species of animals. Enjoy a canoe ride, take a bath with the elephants and visit the elephant breeding centre. You will also meet the Tharus who live in the park and have a distinct, tribal life and natural resistance to malaria.
Lumbini (1 night/2 days):
After Chitwan, we visit Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha; the centre of this is Maya Devi Temple which marks the exact spot he was born. Surrounding this are beautiful sacred gardens and monasteries that offer peace and a fascinating cultural experience.
Tansen (1 night/2 days):
We then visit Tansen, a scenic, medieval town near the Kali Gandaki River filled with narrow, winding roads and temples. This picturesque place is free of tourist traps and its economy relies mainly on metalwork and weaving. There are many opportunities for walks in the stunning hills surrounding Tansen.
Pokhara (2 nights/3 days):
After Tansen, we move to Pokhara. This beautiful lakeside city has a laidback atmosphere with lots of restaurants and shops. Located close to the Annapurna Sanctuary, you get mountain views from across the city. Pokhara is a great place to hike, trek and use as a base for adventure sports. Away from the hub of Lakeside, you can experience relaxed, urban life that is free of tourism.
Bandipur (1 night/2 days)
Bandipur is a small town is set in dramatic, panoramic hills and has Newari architecture and culture that is unspoiled by tourism. Walking through town, you will see fascinating daily life set against temples and slate roofed houses. From the city you will see great views and have a chance to visit Nepal’s largest cave.
Ghorkha (1 night/2 days):
This former capital of Nepal and home of the royal family was once central to the country’s history and politics. Most famously, it is the birthplace of the world renowned Gurkha regiment whose combat skills united Nepal and gained international respect while fighting the British. You can also see temples and the Manaslu Mountains from the city.
Kathmandu (1 night/2 days): 
Overnight stay in a hotel and departure.
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