Honey Hunting

The Honey Hunting Tour in Annapurna is a cultural experience which goes beyond standard tourist trips to temples and foothills. For centuries, wild honey has been harvested from beehives that hang from cliffs approximately 300m from the ground.

Skilled hunters use bamboo ladders and hemp rope to reach the hive. From here they smoke out the bees and collect honey in baskets. In Nepal, worship and respect for nature are closely linked and this twice yearly event is regarded as a religious festival.

Before the harvest, gifts are offered to thank God for the honey and ask for the safe return of the hunters. Watching honey hunting is a nerve-wracking but ultimately fascinating experience.

Honey hunting occurs in small, foothill villages that offer amazing views of the Himalayas. You can reach the destination by car, but many turn the journey into an easy hiking tour of Annapurna which can last a couple of days.

Combining honey hunting with a homestay or the Gurung Heritage Tour is a great choice. Contact Deepak at

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